Spending time with Maori is an invigorating experience.

Aside from being committed and passionate, he is also unstoppable. His sets are upbeat and heart-throbbingly powerful. His productions are bold, his drive endless. It’s hard to describe just how much force we are reckoning with here. To fully understand Maori is to listen to his music, or to attend one of his parties. Or better still: give in to his creative urge to challenge your expectations. Over and over again.

Maori’s sole purpose is to captivate and draw people into a universe that is as real as is it conceptual. With his own party concept that showcases a unique talent for putting together unforgettable soirées and a weekly radio show (“Maori’s Clubhouse”), he is well on his way to creating his very own unique imprint. There is a greater purpose to all of Maori’s projects, a dedication that is so all-encompassing, there is no telling where it will stop.

As a DJ, Maori pounds an infectious beat. With a trademark sound that speaks to a broad audience of music lovers, his sets are whirlpools of inexhaustible energy, powered by precisely the right amount of intensity. His growing reputation as one of the most charismatic and talented DJ’s of his generation preceeds him to venues across the globe, not to mention the long list of festivals bedazzled by the DJ with the powerful name. The parties he puts together in Spirito Brussels are conceptual feasts where the DJ booth takes centre stage. LEDs, visuals, costumes and renowned guest DJ’s: that is how fans find themselves drawn into a world that feels tantalizing, unpretentious and refreshing.

He is causing quite a storm as a producer as well. With two debut releases (“Can’t Stand That” and “Hear Me Coming”) that were eagerly swept up by several of the world’s highest ranking DJ’s, he is well on his way to captivating even bigger crowds with a sound that is both universal and ground-breaking. An upcoming release with the endearing voice of none other than Dutch vocalist Shalisa known from “The Voice Kids”,  has us convinced that he is well on his way to reaching new levels of critical acclaim.  

In a business that requires a tremendous amount of courage to start from scratch, taking the dream to the next level is beyond commendable. It’s also a testament to the kind of madness that draws audiences to new heights. Maori has managed to beat the odds by sticking to a very clear vision. Not only has he charmed his audience, he has inspired new experiences along the way. Anything bearing Maori’s name requires you to engage all your senses. Body, mind and soul.  

This guy is undeniably on the verge of something big.  Meet an artist unafraid to set his own stride and allow yourself to be dazzled by his magic. All it takes to make it happen is talent and dedication. Maori has both, in great abundance.