You might already have seen drummer / producer Michael Schack performing on festival stages, in clubs or concert venues and at music events, solo or as the energetic live E-drummer with Netsky, Milk Inc or SquarElectric. Thanks to his growing fanbase and word of mouth on social media, Michael today also makes his name as a unique and in demand solo “Drums’nDJ” performer, even far outside of his native Belgium.

“A super tight smashing drummer who fires his intoxicating beats on top of his live triggered and inventively entertaining mashup mixes” according to some press. Indeed, Schack’s solo set is not the “drummer plays on top of what the DJ plays” kind of concept : in his SmashUp show, the drummer is the DJ, with Michael playing a fully live triggered, moving and interactive set on which the audience can truly rave, dance, party.
Thanks to the latest developments in e-drumming technology, Michael’s pumping live set takes a multi-tempo mashup music set to a whole different hybrid level. And with his setup only needing a couple of power outlets, a 2m x 2m stage spot or drum stage and a pumping PA speaker system, it’s also quite impressive how it can fit right in the middle forefront of any stage.

How it sounds? A pumping low end, cracking mids and sparkling highs, no mp3’s, full #livebeatsrule impact. A true, new and highly appreciated “sMashUp” live performance with an energy and sound which will turn the heads of your audience. Win-win.